Monday, September 13, 2010

UVic Rabbits: Help Needed - Carriers, Garage or Shed?

Thankfully, the ordeal with the UVic rabbits has been peacefully resolved, and at this very moment rabbits are being spayed and neutered, and moved to sanctuaries.

A little more help is needed. First, if anyone has an unused, small dog or cat carrier, the organizers need more for transporting the rabbits.

Also, a shed or garage is needed to temporarily house a number of the rabbits after their operations. This requires no effort on the part of the home-owner, rabbit volunteers will take care of everything, but a spot is needed to keep the rabbits for a few days after their surgery. Do you have such a spot?

If you can help with either of these, please email Bill:, who’s been a tremendous help in organizing these aspects. For more info on the UVic rabbit situation, visit

Thanks so much!

UPDATE, 9/14:

Thanks to those who have offered carriers and space, please keep them coming! Note that they don't have to be brand new, used carriers are fine as well. Help with transport, like a minivan or covered truck, would also be useful.

Also, a story in the Tuesday Times Colonist:

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