Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Save-A-Turkey Trot 2018

It's been a few years, but the OrganicAthlete Victoria Save-A-Turkey Trot is back for the fifth Trot!

It's a fun 5k run/walk/trot and this year it's also a fundraiser for A Home for Hooves and RASTA animal sanctuaries. (It's so nice to have animal sanctuaries on the island now, this wasn't the case when we started this event several years ago.) Our goal is to get people to consider their Thanksgiving meal and especially the turkeys, and consider all the amazing vegan options we have now - here's a sample of offerings from!

It turned out to be a beautiful day on October 6th, and we were happy to welcome 29 people to the event!

About half joined in the walk, the other half ran for a time, and all had a great time! We also held a little trivia game for participants to win an extra prize, but a tricky question foiled the final two people in the quiz. 😉

Following the quiz was the prize draw, and thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and supporters, everyone got to take home a prize!

We're thankful for our main event sponsors, Green Cuisine, Very Good Butchers and, plus Equinox Health Clinic, Pure Lovin' Chocolate and Vegan Hippie Chick Cafe. Also, a big thank-you to Monica from Acosta who arranged for a huge Derma E gift basket, as well as Bobo's energy bars and everyone also received coupons for Gardein.

So many goodies for our participants, there was also over a dozen gift cards!

Here are the times from the run, unfortunately I didn't catch everyone's name, please get in touch and I'll be happy to update!
  1. 20:17 - Karen W
  2. 22:41 - Adam L
  3. 25:49 - Aubri M
  4. 25:51 - Rob M
  5. 25:56 - Jessie S
  6. 27:33 - Monica A
  7. 28:55 - Elan K
  8. 28:56 - ??
  9. 28:56 - ??
  10. 21:09 - ??
  11. 29:17 - Mia K
  12. 29:29 - Sam P
  13. 30:49 - ??
  14. 30:51 - Laura S
  15. 31:14 - Shelby C
1/2 of the $5 entry fees went to the two sanctuaries, plus $68 was donated directly as well, so a total of $168 was raised for donations to A Home for Hooves and RASTA!

CTV also came by, scoll ahead to 8:21 to see the clip about Gertie the turkey and the Trot:

Thanks again to all who joined us, as well as our sponsors and supporters, we'll be back in 2019 for another Trot, be sure to get in touch with OrganicAthlete Victoria if you want to get on their email list, and there may be another fun run in the spring!

A couple quick photos, unfortunately I forgot to take a group shot!

Surprised myself being able to load everything into my bike cart!

Let's hope it's this nice again in 2019!
See you next time!

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