Monday, May 2, 2011

World Vegan Bake Sale Report

April 30th was the Victoria fundraiser event for World Wide Vegan Bake Sale Day, co-hosted by Sarah Kramer (of How it all Vegan fame) and we had another beautiful, sunny day!

Our most amazing poster design thanks to
Gareth Gaudin, creator of Perogy Cat.

Things got crazy just after 11:30am (even tho the bake sale started at 12!), as we were hit with a dessert mob as we tried to set it up! Things were pretty steady until nearly 4pm. This year we had over 20 bakers contribute (thank you SO MUCH!), and there were some really impressive offerings:

From 2011-05 - World Vegan Bakesale

There were numerous types of cupcakes, including ones in the shape of butterflies!

From 2011-05 - World Vegan Bakesale

The typical wide range of goodies, including almost-overwhelming Whoopie Pies:

From 2011-05 - World Vegan Bakesale

Sarah Kramer presented her Emmy-winning butter tarts and a selection of gluten and wheat, and soy-free cookies:

From 2011-05 - World Vegan Bakesale

The most mysterious were some seriously dark chocolate 'Stephen Harper' cookies, we were puzzled by those ones!

We encouraged people to be creative with their goodie names, and Dave MacKenzie-Kong came up with this fantastic sign, children of the 80's rejoin, bee-do bee-do:

From 2011-05 - World Vegan Bakesale

I'm very disappointed that the final raw brownie vanished before i could even put my camera down! ;)

It was an amazing event, and we're very grateful to all the bakers who made this such a delight, and Tattoo Zoo for providing the space. Also, a thank you to OrganicAthlete Victoria, who organized the raffle, who organized about $700 in prizes, including the grand prize: a tandem paragliding flight on Dallas Rd courtesy of Vancouver Island Paragliding. The winner was Jon K, who is also the winner of 'most goodies eaten', as he hung around all afternoon and had something in his hand nearly the entire time! =)

A super-big thank-you to Sarah Kramer for co-hosting this, we're already discussing next year, and making it a much bigger vegan celebration! Check out her blog report and more photos here:

Also, our new friend from Nanaimo, Char, brought her delicious Char's Stars, and helped out all day. Check out her blog with more pics:

At the end of the day, $1181.64 was raised - very impressive for our little bake sale! This will go towards printing more of the Friends of Animals Vegan Starter Guides: - there is a new design and update in the works, and we'll be printing over 2,000 on 100% post-consumer-waste paper for distribution in Victoria.

If you missed the bake sale, but would like to support Friends of Animals and help with our programs here and elsewhere, please visit our membership page to sign up.

Hurray for another amazing World Wide Vegan Bake Sale Day!

Dave Shishkoff
Canadian Correspondent
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