Thursday, September 2, 2010

Recent Noteworth Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor are great way for communicating ideas and messages, here are two recent ones.

The first comments on the recent demonstration from PETA here in Victoria:
Sexist and sexy are not the same
By Laura Filipovic,
Times Colonist
August 21, 2010

I was dismayed to see the Times Colonist giving credence to the nearly naked female PETA activists on display Monday by publishing their picture.

Replicating the same image that Pamela Anderson did with her controversial PETA ad a month or so back, these women once again proved that PETA seems to only stoop to sexist ploys in order to gain attention.

By reducing women to animals and body parts, the nudity of these women becomes reductive; meant to titillate as opposed to educate. If the point is that animals should not be thought of as a product to be consumed, then why try to say that by comparing animals to women who are nearly naked and posing in a way that implies objectification?

I do not question these women's individual agency to use their bodies for a purpose they see fit; I call into question why we as a society give PETA as much credibility as we do when their approach does not liberate animals, but serves to offend and objectify already marginalized groups.

Laura Filipovic
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The next letter is in response to a comment/grade given by Monday Magazine the previous week, where they 'fail' UVic because they're allowing rabbits to be sent to a shelter in Texas instead of dealing with (read: kill) them as any other 'pests' such as rats. I would argue we humans much more accurately fit the description of 'pest' than any rabbits.

Screw the U
Re: “Report Card,” August 25-September 1

Giving an F to the University of Victoria for sending their pest problem to other areas is another example of the ignorance of Victoria’s media. Would they ship rats or termites? Are rats or termites the third most popular house pet in North America as are rabbits? Are rabbits disease carriers or vermin? Nope, not even rodents.

The rabbits at UVic are descendants of domestic rabbits that were thoughtlessly abandoned by uncaring owners. And many of these rabbits will not be lucky enough to be moved out as a cull is still in the works. Frankly giving UVic an F is probably the right thing. An F for not neutering these creatures years ago when suggested and an F for trying to blame the rabbits for UVic’s mistakes.

William Jesse, Oak Bay
Thanks to these authors for expressing their thoughts and concerns, and I hope these letters inspire you to speak up on an issue important to you as well!

Dave Shishkoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals
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