Saturday, February 26, 2022

Back Online & Updated Domain Name!

Hello Victoria, just a quick update, that the website is now back!

The ".com" domain name was stolen (domain registrar didn't alert that it was expiring, then was bought by another entity, I suspect in cahoots, who now wants hundreds for it), but I picked up the ".ca" domain name instead, and have finally gotten around to setting up the new domain and revising a bunch of the pages. (Apologies that older posts still have the ".com", am planning to update as well!)

Head over to and enjoy all the original content (going back as far as 2006, it's a bit of a history of veganism and animal rights in Victoria!), and I'm planning to continue to update in the coming weeks, thanks for sticking with us. =)

Dave Shishkoff, Editor
Twitter: @Victoria_Vegan & @VeganCyclist (personal)
Facebook Discussion Group: /groups/TheVictoriaVegan

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