Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Save-A-Turkey Trot 2013

Last Saturday, October 5th was the 4th Annual Save-A-Turkey Trot! It's a fun 5k walk/trot/run along the scenic, seaside trails at Clover Point.

It was a cool, slightly overcast day, and a record number of Trotters gathered around the Purica tent to sign up and help us celebrate and promote an animal-friendly Thanksgiving. This year we welcomed 60 people, including 25 runners!

We have lots of great vegan literature to give out, online you can check out our Thanksgiving: A Celebration For All leaflet. Also at the table was helpful info from some of our our event sponsors:

Shortly after 11am, we sent out the walkers and their dogs, and at about 11:20, the runners were off!

The course was marked with chalk, and we once again set out our distance markers, with facts about turkeys:

It turned out to be a perfect day! While everyone was out, we set out the draw-prizes. As we do for all OrganicAthlete Victoria events, we distributed nearly all the prizes through the draw - all names go into a hat, and when we draw a name, they simply get to choose which prize they want - and we aim to ensure everyone walks off with something! In addition, Purica offered a sample pack of their Cordyceps and Vega sent us packs of Pre-Workout Energizer as samples to give to the first 40 people to sign up - bonus!

The table was PACKED with an amazing number of prizes, valued over $1000! (Click here for the detailed list.)

We had barely set things out when the runners started to return! Darren Tannas was back first, covering the 5k in a blistering 17 minutes and 56 seconds! The sixth runner to appear was Leah Stott, in 20'21, our fastest female for the day.

There was an extra contest for the runners, our 'Are You Faster Than A Vegan' challenge! We had two OA representatives, Nick Patenaude and Sandra Hardy, out to set the bar. Any who beat them would win an Edge Food Energy Bar - so an extra congrats to Darren, Ryan Heffernan, Glenn Jasechko and Leah for keeping ahead of our team members and taking home an extra prize, and being our speediest runners!

Here are the full results:
Runners - Male
Darren Tannas 17'56
Ryan Heffernan 18'21
Glenn Jasechko 18'28
Nick Patenaude 18'29
Brent Hall 19'51
Ibraham Vanjgel-Shedid 22'15
Jesse Crawford 24'21
Karsten Provan 24'38
Magnus McElroy 25'01
Graeme Stewart 26'13
Phil Cottrell 27'08
Eric Hallman 34'38
Bruce Hardy 36'03
Runners - Female
Leah Stott 20'21
Sandra Hardy 21'38
Anika Sander 25'40
Chris Cox 26'06
Line Marie St Jacques 27'08
Sarah Kwak 27'34
Missy Morrison 29'17
Stephanie Lockett 31'59
Cynthia Barker 33'40
Jess Moreland 34'38
Laura Hardy 36'03
Elaine Taylor 36'23
Trotters: Veronica Patenaude, Toryn Patenaude, Kieran Patenaude, Chris Beese, Sarah Beese, Brenda Macevicius, Celeste Macevicius, Daniel Pfeifer, Marg Rothery, Linnea Comolli, Melanie Hudson, Dana Quantz, Maria Fedrigo, Christine Lee, Jade Carter, Nina Carter, Kayle Cheeke, Zareef Houston, Marni Springer, Simon Springer, Soli Springer, Oden Springer, Laura Taves, Adam Pilling, Scott Beck, Haley Lonsdale, Linda Copping, Dee Dee Winger, Dell McLean, Kathleen Garvi, Jacqueline Eluic, Karen Hartley, Rob Kreiser and Colleen Northmark - thank you all for attending!!

We'll be back next October for the 5th Annual Save-A-Turkey Trot, and will likely have a similar event in the Spring; join our email list to get updates on this, and other activities! Also check out our local website: The Victoria Vegan.

If you'd like to get involved with OrganicAthlete Victoria, visit our website for more info on joining our team (mainly runners, cyclists and triathletes), and getting discounts on Vega, Purica and The Edge Food Energy Bar products!

Thanks to all who helped with set-up and take-down, and especially the lovely Lesley Fox for support. Much gratitude is also owed to our event sponsors, who donated prizes and helped promote the event:
  • Purica - from Duncan, lots of great recovery and health products (plus they loaned us their tent once again!)
  • Vega - from the mainland, lots of great nutritional supplements, including athletes
  • Vegan Essentials - an amazing US-based online vegan emporium
  • Saanichton Physio - the excellent Sandra Hardy has the distinction of being one of the few vegan physios in Victoria
  • APFA - The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, based out of Vancouver, speaking up for wildlife
  • Pure Lovin' Chocolate - a local purveyor of organic, fair-trade and vegan goodies
  • Green Cuisine - our favorite vegan restaurant, and long-time title sponsor of the OA Victoria team!
  • Equinox Health Clinic - one of the top sports massage clinics on the island!
  • Victoria Vegan Fest - our annual vegan celebration!!
  • Oak Bay Bikes - the best bike shop in town
  • Benjamin's Bites - Victoria-made vegan, gluten-free cookies, check out the double-chocolate chip!
  • The Edge Food Energy - from Qualicum Beach, vegan and organic bars in compostable packaging
  • Field Roast - from Seattle, some of the best meat alternatives out there!

Once more, thanks to all participants and supporters, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Dave Shishkoff


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