Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Restaurant Review: Kissako Green Tea Cafe

 As mentioned earlier, the Victoria Vegan blog is accepting submissions from readers, here's the first of hopefully many pieces from "Chris-the-Vegan-Fifty-Something"! Send us a note if you'd like to contribute something. =)
2027 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC
Tel: 250.370.5195
Superb.  One word to describe the delicious vegan delights that the scrupulous owners of this Oak Bay cafe painstakingly and consistently prepare every day, Monday through Saturday. 
While this cafe is not vegan, the owners, Hiroshi Shibata and Tamae Yoshizawa, have specialised knowledge of macrobiotic cooking.  Hiroshi is a sushi master, and his fresh vegan sushi selections all feature brown rice.  I have taken several Europeans and well-travelled visiting guests to this place, and each one remarks:  "this is the best sushi place to which I've ever been, in all of my world travels!"  Echoing that, I have never visited a sushi place that offers more superb vegan sushi, miso soups, gobi salads, exquisite green teas, tofu and veggie dishes, vegan udon noodle soups, and vegan deserts. 
Even if you're not a vegan, you will enjoy their vegan offerings, and they are all easily digested.  A vegan meal at the Kissako Green Tea Cafe just leaves you feeling wonderful, and Victoria is lucky to have this delightful little gem.
Reviewer: Chris-the-Vegan-Fifty-Something

Thanks Chris!

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  1. The best and the owners are so charming in such a delight and serene atmosphere. If I lived in Victoria I would go there often.

  2. This restaurant has a long list on their menu but serves mostly sushi, green tea, and deserts (and some lovely, lovely atmosphere). You may need to wait for your food, but it's ok. Expect great-tasting dishes from them.


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