Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5th Annual World Wide Vegan Bake Sale Day

Saturday, April 26th was the 5th year we've participated in the World Wide Vegan Bake Sale Day event, which is a grass roots international initiative encouraging vegan bake sales around the world to raise funds for vegan and animal activism.

The Victoria Vegan Fest was our fundraiser target once again, and if you're not familiar it's a big celebration and promotion of the vegan lifestyle coming up on Canada Day (July 1st) in Market Square (downtown Victoria)! This year's venue was Green Cuisine once again, and we're very fortunate and grateful to have their support. We had many contributors donate over 20 different sweets; a wide variety of goodies for just about any taste!

We had the standards like cupcakes and brownies, a wide selection of cookies and other goodies, and some surprises like toffees, caramels, and vanilla rooibos fig newtons (which were quite possibly the author's top choice!) All were vegan, and nearly half were gluten-free as well.

Goodies with gluten.

Goodies without gluten.
We nudged ahead of last year's bake sale, raising about $570. Thanks to all who came and filled their bellies with goodies, let us know what your favourites were in the comments section!

A HUGE thank-you to all our superstar bakers: Cadence, Colleen, Corie, Cristina, Diana, Hayley, Jordan, Kiley and her mom, Krista, Michelle, Paulina & Mike, Sandra and Tlell! You were all critical in this, and we really appreciate all your delicious and inspired contributions!! Also, another thank-you to Green Cuisine for lending us their space, it's a big ask given they've got their own baked goods to sell! Thank you for being such a big supporter of the Victoria Vegan Fest!

We also got some media coverage, check out this Chek News video.

We'll likely organize another event or two for the Vegan Fest, watch this space or the VVF site, or join our email announcement list to make sure you don't miss a thing!

There's a lot of yum going on!
Dave Shishkoff, Editor
Twitter: @Victoria_Vegan & @VeganCyclist (personal)

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