Friday, February 1, 2013

Poster Party for National Anti-Fur Day

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National Anti-Fur Day 'Poster Party' in Victoria at Vshoen
Friday, February 8th, 12-2pm
Vshoen, 620 Broughton Street

Friends of Animals and Vshoen invite you to assist in defending fur-bearing animals at our Poster Party for National Anti-Fur Day on Friday, Feb. 8. We're coordinating with the Fur-Bearer Defenders in Vancouver, who have a similar action planned, and we'll be joining dozens of other cities across Canada holding events and demonstrations.

We'll provide posters and vegan snacks while you display posters downtown with anti-fur messages such

More than 3 million animals are brutalized and killed for their skins in Canada each year by trapping, ranching, shooting and clubbing. While full length fur coats are less popular, fur trim is shockingly common in Canada. Look around next time you're in downtown Victoria. A surprising (and deplorable) number of garments include fur from coyotes, wolves, foxes, rabbits, seals and other animals who were murdered in their skins for the frivolous fur industry.

Fur coats look better on the original fur-bearing animals. Please help us educate Victoria residents that fur hurts by joining Vshoen and Friends of Animals on February 8th!

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Dave Shishkoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals
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