Monday, August 8, 2011

Book Available in Victoria: On Their Own Terms

You may have heard of FoA VP Lee Hall's new book, On Their Own Terms: Bringing Animal Rights Philosophy Down to Earth, and now it's available in town, at Sarah's Place - if you haven't seen this vegan boutique, make sure you stop in!

It's on the outside of Market Square on Pandora, and is a cute and fun little shop, with clothing, neat trinkets and curios, and vegan chocolate bars!! (Try the Jokerz, for long-time vegans, it's pretty neat to have a 'Snickers' candy bar!) Congrats, Sarah, and thank you for once again raising the profile of veganism in Victoria!!

On Their Own Terms is an essential read for vegans, animal rights activists, and those interested in the theories and ideas behind animal advocacy. A review that I could have written myself (since it mirrors my own reactions) can be found here on the My Daily Vegan website.

There are also copies of the two Friends of Animals cookbooks  'Dining With Friends', and 'TheBest Of Vegan Cooking', which are both highly rated by local vegans! You can also find free copies of our Vegan Starter Guide and quarterly ActionLine magazine.
Copies of all books are available at Sarah's Place for $20, and can be ordered from her online shop in a few weeks, or alternately you can order online from

Be sure to come back and post a review after you get your copy!

Dave Shishkoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals
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