Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UVic Rabbit Killing: Nature Abhors a Vacuum

The Alley Cat Allies has published an interesting document called The Vacuum Effect: Why Catch And Kill Doesn’t Work (read the PDF here: ) researching the efficacy of kill or ‘cull’ programs, mainly in relation to feral cat populations. It’s no surprise to learn that the elements that drew cats to the area will only continue to do so, even when the community is destroyed. Same with other species in other environments, like mountain lions, badgers, raccoons and others.

Doubtless, more rabbits will turn up at UVic. They are currently living off-campus in the surrounding neighborhoods, and other wooded areas. Inevitably, they will also find their way to UVic. And, unfortunately, UVic’s response (at least for now) is to kill them.

We can understand that UVic doesn’t want people abandoning pet rabbits on campus grounds - we really sympathize with UVic, and the rabbits themselves. This isn’t an ideal location for a domestic rabbit. But as we’ve stated repeatedly, and this is further backed up by this research: instituting a kill policy is not a solution. It’s not an ethical solution, and really just doesn’t work to solve anything, other than ensure some rabbit killing business makes a continuous profit.

Please take a moment to remind UVic’s decision-makers that what they’re planning has been done before, and fails. It will be an endless, bloody process as rabbits will continue to move in, no matter how many UVic kills.

Further, is UVic planning to kill deer, hawks, falcons, or other wildlife that find their way to the campus? Tell UVic that they need to respect animals, and live in harmony with them, not dominate and murder them because they’ve crossed some imaginary borderline.

Peaceful steps can be taken to prevent an overpopulation, including instituting a TNR (Trap, Neuther/Spay, Return) program, which thanks to volunteers from local veterinarians, would actually cost less than the thousands of dollars UVic would have to spend per rabbit killed.

Direct your letters to:

* University of Victoria President Dave Turpin
* UVic Facilities Manager Tom Smith

Thank you for speaking up for the UVic rabbits.

Dave Shishkoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals
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