Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monday Letter to the Editor re: Nose to Tail

A Friends of Animals letter was published this week in Monday Magazine, in response to this rather disturbing-to-read piece:

The heart of the matter

Re: “From Nose to Tail,” Nov. 25-Dec. 1

This article deserves more discussion. There is talk of honor and ethics, yet an honest discussion on these matters reveal there is no room for either when it comes to supporting the exploitation and killing of a sensitive, sentient being because “we like the taste.” Given this, it is a decidedly unethical act.

Honouring an animal (human or non-human), were we to apply meaningful usage to the phrase, would mean not killing them. It would mean not exploiting them. It would mean allowing them to live on their own terms, in their own communities. It’s a perversion to claim that eating the entire corpse of an enslaved creature is “more honourable” than only eating select parts. Further, animals can’t be understood as containers of pain, as Lee Hall writes in On Their Own Terms; they need to be respected as individuals.

The discussion of ethical eating needs to shift away from greenwashing the ways in we manage livestock to the eating of foods which are truly ethical—that being plant-based foods. The vegan philosophy is the logical conclusion, and where “ethics” and “food” are concerned, the ethical choices are clearly to consume foods which do not harm others. And in thinking ahead, to quote Hall once more, “Committing to vegan living today will play an important role in the making of fair ways to produce, and equitable ways to distribute, what we need tomorrow.”

Dave Shishkoff,

Friends of Animals, Victoria


Dave Shishkoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals
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