Monday, July 26, 2010

Discussing Animal Group Fundraisers That Serve Animals

James LaVeck, from Tribe of Heart (producers of the wonderful films The Witness and Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home) was approached by someone concerned about an animal advocacy group hosting a fundraiser event that was serving animal products.

This is not an uncommon dilemma, I have personally withdrawn support from the BC-SPCA because of this, as has Sarah Kramer (open letter from Sarah, and a follow-up.) They continue to host these types of events, and will have vegan 'options'.

James is very eloquent in how he approaches this dilemma, and I encourage all to watch:

Silencing the Lambs from Tribe of Heart on Vimeo.

Hopefully these other groups will begin to listen, and we can all work towards real, meaningful animal advocacy together.

Dave Shishkoff
Canadian Correspondent
Friends of Animals
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